Personal Training


One to one sessions that are versatile and crafted to suit your individual needs and goals through a range of exercises from HIIT, strength training and cardio with a focus on the important aspect of nutrition.




Goal focused - Within the initial assessment I will work with you to establish your goals and create a workout plan to achieve that. These sessions can be performed in a gym, my home or at your house. 


Nutrition - I will give you guidelines to help navigate healthy eating and dieting to reach your target weight. This will include, food diary analysis, recipe ideas, and your macro and calorie breakdown. 


Motivation - I will be in contact with you on a regular basis to talk through any issues or queries. We will use a tracking system that helps us see your progress and measure your success. 


Semi-private training


Semi-private training in a group setting helps keep the cost of training low and more you move the less you pay!




Goal focused - We will have an initial assessment to work out your goals and figure out which group would be best for you!


Strength and conditioning - group sessions combine a variety of training to help keep you fit and strong!


Affordable - These sessions are structured on a monthly membership plan and give you greater savings the more you move!




Personal training in the comfort of your home

£65+ per hour at your home

Please note that there is an extra charge for travelling more than 5 miles

Personal training at my studio in Barnet

£55 per hour at my studio in Barnet

Semi-private training

From as little as £16 per session to £35 for group session. Please enquire for price breakdown.


Package discounts available. Please enquire.