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Do you want to be the best version of yourself and find your confidence? I’ve found that focusing on yourself, exercise and diet are the three components that can help with exactly that. 

My name is Lashara. I am a personal trainer, nutritional coach and an avid believer in bettering oneself through awareness, moving your body, eating well and learning. I’ve spent the last few years creating my own happiness through fitness, rediscovering food and myself! Now I would like to teach others how do the same by creating a fit and healthy lifestyle.  

Train with me, find helpful information on my blog and start today!


Personal Training


I work on a one to one basis as well as through online coaching. I combine workouts and nutrition to create a programme that is versatile and crafted to suit your individual needs and goals. I use a range of exercises from strength and conditioning, HIIT and cardio to get your body moving with a focus on the important aspect of nutrition.

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Semi-private training


I offer semi-private training at a much lower rate than the one to one training on a monthly membership plan. Group classes are run on a regular schedule and the incentive is the more you move the less you pay!

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